All Normal Search Engine Optimization(SEO) will be applied to each ad on a regular basis.  That means there is little for you to do in that arena.  However, you can help yourself by opening your new ad, copy the address bar in your browser and post the contents into facebook, Twitter and/or others.  Doing so could get you quicker views than the 3 to 5 days it normally takes for the search engines to find and sort it out.


  • You do have to be registered prior to posting an ad! Registered can see the posting selection on the menu
  • When you enter your ad, please fill all appropriate boxes to help the potential client make a decision.  
  • Be extra careful of the category you choose.  Be sure your ad is placed where it should be. Using Wrong categories could cost your ad even being found. Example:  A doll advertised under garden tools, may never be found.
  • We suggest you pay for nothing from an avertiser before you have the item in your possession.  Of course, it is always your decision.  Just know if you pay for or send money first, you could lose it and possibly never see it or the item.
  • You are allowed up to 14 images per ad, after that there is a charge per image.
  • We also have a charge for placing your ad higher than the others if you want and we have made an option for having your ad in special places on the website.
  • We have a very high limit on words for your description, description and images are a big deal when advertising and please check your spelling.
  •  We use only PayPal that also accepts Credit/Debit cards.  That way, we do not have to store account numbers  and other.  Safer way for you.