Privacy is as important for you as for us.  We have the latest and most trustworthy tools available like SSL, constant virus protection and anti-scraping tools thath constantly scan. There are more as well

We use cookies only while you are on site and for up to 3 days after you leave to save your views all to help you the visitor. Our cookies do NOT collect your data or your information.  They just go away.

We use admin tools for further security that scans all files each time this app is opened to be sure no extras were added and none changed size. It would shut the whole site down if it found an error and it would notify the admin so he could take care of it.  Anyone trying to add code in the site can get banned and blocked, then it will alert the admin by email.  This has happened before(not here) and those users got blocked out to never return.

In over 10 years, we have not lost a users data or had them impacted by anything, but it doe take time and cost money.  

We never sell anyones data or any other information.  ONLY THE POLICE CAN GET ANYTHING FROM US ABOUT A CLIENT and only with a legal wrrant.