Terms and conditions


Ads must be paid for to get published

Ads run 90 days unless you remove.  You can edit your ad anytime during the time.

Once an ad is published, there is no refund.


There will be NO adult content shown on any ads or pages we have.  We will delete any ad that even comes close to adult content.  We may or may not not notify the poster.  It will just be Gone.  No refunds and likely the poster will also be gone with little or NO warning.  

We may open this at various times to let people post ads for free.  We will sometimes give out coupons for freebies or discounts when/if we do.  

We will not place ads all over the site for income like most sites do.  

We use session cookies to help you during your visit, but they are gone quickly.  Our cookies gather NO information about you or any data you have.

We do collect your IP address when you join.  This is done for you and our site protection.  The reason is that hackers are always trying to insert bad code that would allow them to steal information about our users and even steal our site.  

Any issues you have can be reported at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  We would be happy to address any concerns!